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Riverbank Tree Gallery, Website and Hosting

I was recommended to the customer, Glasgow based artist S T Bookless, who felt that their site hadn’t worked for them the way it should have. Having tried it for two years without any real response they were ready to give up on the Internet as a means of displaying and selling their work.

The affordable internet solution

I created a content managed website using WordPress, setting up a ‘dummy run’ on a spare domain registered for precisely this purpose.

Home page of S T Bookless' website Riverbank Tree Gallery

Home page of S T Bookless’ website Riverbank Tree Gallery

The customer was very impressed by the initial look and feel of the new site and loved being able to practice adding and editing content before entering into a commitment. During our telephone conversations I got to understand what they were looking for. By doing a bit of research on the Internet I found out a bit more about them. This helped me propose ideas for how the site should look and also gave me some more content to include, giving opportunities for some external links.

Within a week the new site was fully operational on their domain (www.riverbanktreegallery.co.uk).  The customer was delighted to be adding their own posts and spoke much more enthusiastically about their website than before, identifying more and more ways in which it could help to showcase their work.

The customer’s own Google Analytics code was dropped in to the page template enabling them to compare stats for the site for before and after I made the necessary changes.

You can find out more about S T Bookless on the artist’s profile page on the Scottish Art Circle website.

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