Free Websites (and other low-cost website options.)

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Free websites can be obtained through some of the organisations listed below, i.e. either free website hosting, free website design services or free DIY website design resources at the time we last checked them out.

Others offer low-cost website options – often involving a bit of technical skill. It can be a bit tricky at first but is worth persevering with as the results are very rewarding.

Be careful to check the terms and conditions before you enter into any agreement or contract with them. By ‘free website’ they often mean that they will place adverts on the website and retain any revenue generated. Small businesses in particular need to be careful about the type of adverts to be carried in case it includes ‘competitor’ traders and service providers.

You might also find that your free website is only free for a limited amount of time.

Free websites and low-cost website options include:

Useable websites
free web design and hosting for charities. Send them your requirements and they’ll put your site together for you. We’ve listed this one at the top because it’s the only one we’re aware of which doesn’t involve you doing it yourself.

free web pages with loads of pages for teams allowing each age group to have their own section. Also has a section where leagues can set up their own web pages too. The majority of users on these sites tend to be football clubs but other types of teams use them successfully too.

BT Community Web Kit
free DIY web-design resources using point and click for charities, schools and other not-for-profit organisations. Free ‘domain’ or can be pointed towards your own registered domain.  Info being updated due to changes in provision.

Getting British Business Online

Getting British Business Online is a joint initiative from Google, Enterprise UK, BT, e-skills UK and many other partners to help small businesses create their first website and understand the opportunities offered by the Internet. They’ve already helped 100,000 UK organisations get their first website easily and for free in 2010, and plan on helping just as many in 2011.

Because they’re working with Google & BT they’re able to offer you a free website for 2 years, after that they say you’ll only have to pay ‘a few pounds’ to renew your domain name for a further 2 years.  They add that you’re not tied in to a contract and they won’t put ads on your site without your permission.


Name changing to ‘Create’.  Offers an easy way to build, maintain, and update your own web site without the usual expense involved in web design.


WordPress site for not-for-profit organisations.

Social Networking site ideal for photographs, announcements, uploading music tracks etc

Social Networking site ideal for photographs, announcements, uploading music tracks etc

free web pages for female football teams, appears to carry more than the average level of advertising.


Make a website in minutes with simple tools for individuals, groups, or small businesses to share photos and videos, open a store, and build a member community.

free open source web design resources including content management software.

Microsoft office live

small business DIY website and hosting from Microsoft themselves, free for first year (including domain registration)

Social Networking site ideal for photographs, announcements, uploading music tracks etc


With Spanglefish you get a FREE web site (including hosting!) which you can update easily using just a standard web browser. Edit text, add pages, change the colour scheme, add new images, view visitor statistics and much more. And all of this without programming or special software.Using just a standard web browser*, you can update your Spanglefish site from almost anywhere. Login using your private password, and do it from home or the office. Start it at work, and continue editing from a cybercafe. Do it when YOU choose, and wherever YOU want.

Costs about £25.00 a year to get an advert free version of your website.

Synthasite – now

Yola now charge for domain registration, although a free subdomain (with ‘yola’ in the address) is offered.  They claim to offer free software which doesn’t involve a download, and free hosting. The free website carries adverts but can be upgraded for about $100 per year.


free club websites, obviously more suited to football teams. Also has facility to find clubs within specified geographical areas in case you are a player seeking a club.

Unfortunately Yahoo have decided to close Geocities. Sorry. No more free websites from them.

Inclusion of a site in this list should not be taken as a recommendation or endorsement of that site.affordable internet accept no liability for the content of external sites nor for any agreement or contract entered into by anyone visiting any of the sites listed.
When considering a web design and hosting firm, check out microsoft’s top ten mistakes to avoid.

If all else fails, submit an enquiry form and I’ll quote very reasonable terms for domain registration, website design and website hosting.