Coleman Training Services

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Limelite Danz

Limelite Danz, based in the East End of Glasgow, has attracted a growing number of children from many other parts of the city. WordPress based site, content managed by the customer, Miss Charlene.   … Continue reading →

Bespoke Solid Surfaces

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Lyn Clark

  Lyn Clark is a colleague of mine in my day job.  She does fantastic things for charity that make me feel very privileged to have had the chance to know her.  Over the years she’s raised over £30,000 for … Continue reading →

Riverbank Tree Gallery, S T Bookless

Riverbank Tree Gallery, Website and Hosting I was recommended to the customer, Glasgow based artist S T Bookless, who felt that their site hadn’t worked for them the way it should have. Having tried it for two years without any … Continue reading →